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The infringements made by the drivers will be more expensive this year. For example, the possession of warning signals of radar will be punished of 1500 accompanied by a withdrawal of 6 points on the driving licence. It will be the same price if one looks at a film while leading, with 3 points in less. To roll on the hard shoulder will cost 135. Lastly, for the use of the portable at the wheel, which is the most current infringement, the fine will pass from 35 to 135 and always 3 points in less.

These measurements tdi agent lookup will come into effect as of agent lookup the appearance of the decree which will be submitted on Wednesday January 5 to the Council of Ministers.

The other field concerned with the reforms is tdi lookup that of technical control, it will be from now on more fastidious. The visit cost 80 hitherto but the surplus of examinations could increase the price by them.

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At the request of the deputies of UMP, the Francois Fillon Prime Minister would be ready to give up the 4th day of deficiency in the private one agent lookup (see our preceding article). tdi agent lookup

Indeed, the advertisement of the reduction of the compensations in the event of stop disease was very badly perceived in the assembly, in particular among the deputies of the majority. Thus, a group of UMP decided to convince the Prime Minister to give up this measurement. They thus strongly have reacts by evoking their feeling of injustice and asked to find another solution.

It would seem that they were tdi lookup heard since the Prime Minister is ready to give up the fourth day of deficiency not paid of paid deprived, but on the condition of finding another measurement which makes it possible to make 200 million euros of economies. The deputies thus have 10 days to make proposals, but some at least twice speak about a reduction in the daily allowances of the gaining employees Smic. On the other hand it is not question for the moment of returning over the day of deficiency imposed to the civils servant.

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Here an alternative to the contact lenses of color. Gregg Homer, an American doctor of the State of Florida claims to be able to change the maroon eyes into blue azure in only 20 seconds by an operation with the laser. He explains his discovery with 10 years Lumineyes technology, resulting of research. The operation, whose cost rises with 3600, uses a laser gauged at a certain frequency whose energy would be absorbed by the pigments of the iris. The energy of the laser would remove the brown pigment or mélanine, starting from the roadbase of the iris, and thus the blue color appears during both to three weeks following the operation. The result is irreversible because the brown fabric cannot be regenerated.
On this image the process was carried out on the higher half of the tdi agent lookup eye.

The research team began the tests on the human ones, but seeks approximately 500,000 to supplement the clinical trials. If all occurs as envisaged, Dr. Homer affirms that the procedure should be available in the 18 months apart from the United States, and in three years in the United States. The agent lookup doctor would have been contacted by email by thousands of potential customers to express their interest. A pigment blue eye really does not exist in nature. People with the blue eyes have actually a brown, known pigment under the name of mélanine located at the back of their iris, then of weak concentrations of mélanine in front of their iris. The wavelengths of the light are thus absorbed by the back of the eye, and the short wavelengths are dispersed. In 2008, scientists of the University of Copenhagen, noted that all the people with the blue eyes go down from a single ancestor with a change blue eye which lived six with it ya 10.000 years.
The person in charge of the study, professor Eiberg, known as that at this time, everyone had the brown eyes. The change of the eyes chestnut to blue represents a change neither positive nor negative. It belongs tdi lookup to the changes such as the color of the hair, baldness, freckles and beauty spots, which does not increase nor does not reduce the chances of survival.

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For 2012, the insurances and mutual insurance companies are subjected once again to an increase. A rise on line with inflation.
All the insurances are concerned, they all will increase in 2012, the contracts car will increase between tdi agent lookup 2% and 3%. Mutual insurance companies of health from 4% to 5%. The contracts of dwelling will have their tariffs which will climb from 5% to 6%.  This slight increase of the assumptions of responsibility is explained by a whole of phenomena.

Main agent lookup reasons

The multiplication of the disasters is the first explanation. One long and rigorous winter, of strong bad weather and the historical repetition of natural disasters. After Klaus in 2009 with nearly 740.000 disasters, the Xynthia storm fell down at the beginning of year 2010 on the Great West, involving 455.000 damage in France. Then followed the damage of snow and freezing, the floods in the VAr, and the storm of hail in the East of France. This rise is also explained by an increase in burglings and fires. Of course, these overcosts will be reflected by the insurers on the customers. For the contracts of automobile insurance, it is the increase in the road accidents which explains this rise in the tariffs partly, and in particular young people in two wheels. Personal injuries increasingly more serious requiring catches of load with the long course. Although the number of people killed on the road falls, the gravity of the personal injuries leaving of the final after-effects does not follow the same tendency. That obliges to offer over the duration more accompaniment and services to the touched families, whose costs of assumption of responsibility have increased on average by 6% per annum for several years. Lastly, recrudescence of burglings. The clear evolution of burglings in 2009 (+10% in frequency) is confirmed in 2010.
For the mutual insurance companies of health. The population ages, and to look after itself is more expensive, but it is also the new tax on the contracts of health which will pass from 3,5% to 7%.

The cost with a concrete example tdi lookup

For a family of 4 people, which ensures a car, a house, and subscribed to a mutual insurance company of health, the budget is 1300 on average over the year. With the new rise, the invoice rises of more than 60.

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During its displacement in Bordeaux which President Nicolas Sarkozy announced two new measurements including one decided for the stops disease, and the other confirmed for the RSA.
The government officializes the introduction of a first day of deficiency for the civils servant, and one 4th for the private sector. Thus, the agents of the public service will not be paid the first day of the stop disease, and they will be the four first for the employees of the private one. tdi agent lookup
Moreover, the recipients of the RSA will have to work 7 hours per week and paid approximately 130 per month. It is about an experimental measurement tdi lookup tested in ten departments.

President Nicolas Sarkozy launched what will be agent lookup possibly one of the topic of its presidential campaign, the fight against the frauds and the assistantship. To make economies and to fight against the abuses is the message addressed to the Allowance office Family.

It is not to punish. It is on the contrary to respect, to give again dignity. There is not dignity when one can survive only by tightening the hand (). To defraud the Social security, it is to fly. It is not simply to misuse the system, it is not simply to benefit from its generosities, it is to steal each one and each one among us.

The social fraud is evaluated to 20 billion Euros per annum, ascribable, for the majority, with the employers who do not pay their contributions according to a recent parliamentary report.

Introduction of deficiency of day disease of the civils servant, and a day more for the employees of private developed in Social protection and fights against the social frauds on the official site of the Elysium.

The teachers and all the civils servant will have to take part in the effort on the Health insurance. In deprived, the sick employees are targeted with one day additional not paid by the Social security.
In the rows of the National Assembly, the opposition estimates that one is mistaken in target and that Nicolas Sarkozy is already in shift, but the majority joined the President with the same motivation: justice for all.

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The countryside of the National bank of health insurance on antibiotics re-appears with a new slogan the antibiotics used wrongly they will become less strong, which will be diffused on television and with the radio as of today.

It is a question once again of sensitizing the population on the phenomenon of resistance of the bacteria, and thus of the reduction in the effectiveness of antibiotics. The message is clearly to make become aware that the antibiotics should not be used for diseases of viral origin but exclusively agent lookup for infections of bacterial origin.

It is the third time that the Health insurance launches a campaign on the subject. One remembers preceding slogan the antibiotics, it is not automatic. The consumption of this drug had tdi agent lookup tdi lookup then moved back of almost 15%.

All information is available on the site of the Health insurance.

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In this 17th management report 2010 published on October 13, 2011, the mediator of the FFSA (French federation of the insurance companies) approaches various topics of which limits of the mediation, where the objective is to find a solution with the conflicts, tdi lookup the realization of an index for the mediation in order to highlight often forgotten indicators, approach of the mediation at the European level.

Let us recall that the mediation is much less expensive and is faster for the payment of tdi agent lookup conflicts. In 2010, it is more than 5500 requests which were carried out near the mediator of the insurances. agent lookup